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Making the decision to go into inpatient rehab can be a tough one.

You may find yourself weighing the pros and cons of entering treatment and struggling with the idea of walking away from active addiction for good. You may be wondering what your life will look like without drugs. You may question whether the benefits of Recovery will outweigh the difficulties of giving up drugs and alcohol. At Pathways Recovery Center, we’ve seen what happens when people go into Inpatient rehab and start their recovery journey with us.

Here are some benefits you may not have thought about:

A New Perspective

The cycle of addiction often leaves a person mired in depression and misery. It can feel like life is hopeless and joyless both with or without the drug. Addiction can lead to a severe inability to feel pleasure, called Anhedonia. Those who attempt to fight addiction on their own, without treatment, tend to suffer with Anhedonia much longer because they are not being given the tools to overcome it. During inpatient rehab, you’ll learn coping mechanisms and new thinking patterns that will help you change your outlook on life and find the joy within.


You may have had many moments in addiction where it seems that no matter how bad life gets, no matter how serious the consequences, you just can’t stop using drugs or alcohol. You may have tried many times to put it down for good and failed. This repetitive inability to stop, no matter how much you really want to, can lead a person to feel like they are weak or incapable of beating addiction. In addiction treatment, you’ll begin to see that you actually can get through a day without using or drinking. Days will turn into weeks and you begin to experience clarity and focus again. By going into Inpatient Rehab you greatly decrease the chances of relapse. You’ll begin to feel stronger with a renewed sense of capability.


When an individual abuses drugs for prolonged periods of time, they condition their brain to need these substances in order to function, even minimally. Your whole life may revolve around using or drinking, because you no longer feel okay without doing so. This creates a vicious cycle in which the individual can’t help but prioritize acquiring and using the substance. Jobs, relationships, finances, and the home are neglected and begin to fall apart. This may be devastating, but a person struggling with addiction can do little to stop it until they are no longer bound by needing to use. Going to detox and entering inpatient rehab can break the chains of addiction and give you the freedom to live your life in a way that you can be proud of. The first step is getting the substance out of your body and healing it (detox), the next step is getting the coping skills and treatment tools you need to live a life without substance abuse, in a therapeutic environment (inpatient rehab). Pathways Recovery Center can help you find freedom from addiction!


Something we hear often by individuals in recovery is that they never really felt like they fit in anywhere, or felt part of a group, until they began the recovery process. One of the greatest blessings of recovery is that you will meet and begin to develop supportive relationships with others who are struggling with addiction. This can start in inpatient rehab but continues as you strengthen your support network in the community. Individuals dealing with addiction often struggle with similar emotional and mental issues, thus creating a community of understanding, compassion, and support for each other. In recovery, we share coping strategies, humor, struggles, and joys in a way that only another individual in recovery can truly understand.


In addiction, an individual’s life often becomes chaotic and unmanageable. You may have extremely strained relationships with loved ones, drama at your job site, financial issues, and unresolved trauma and guilt. You may find it easier to just continue using than deal with all the mounting problems. Inpatient rehab will give you the opportunity to step away temporarily from the stressors and drama in your life, and begin recovery. In recovery, you can learn how to manage your life again and deal with unaddressed traumas and emotions. You’ll become adept at identifying what is truly important and valuable to you, and removing toxic and negative elements from your life.

Clinically reviewed by 

Moses Nasser
Dr. Moses Nasser, a double board-certified physician in Family Medicine and Addiction Medicine, with expertise in holistic healing, addiction medicine, and psychiatric care, holds an X-waiver to prescribe buprenorphine and has extensive experience in mindfulness-based customer service and medication-assisted treatment.

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