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At Pathways Recovery Center, our mission is to provide effective, evidence-based treatment to those suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol.
Through an individualized treatment plan, biospychosocial assessments, and the vast experience of our compassionate treatment staff, we equip those struggling from substance abuse with the coping skills and education needed to leave addiction behind. We believe it’s possible for anyone to recover!


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"JUST FOR TODAY my thoughts will be on my recovery, living and enjoying life without the use of drugs."

Jessica R

"Pathways helped me let go of the fear, anger, embarrassment, and guilt that tormented me for years. It wasn't easy but it was the best choice I made for me & my family."
Why Does Depression Often Co-Occur With Substance Abuse?

Armin P. 

"I found a way to put my life back together, and become a person I could be proud of."

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Supervised Detoxification

Our clinical staff at Pathways Recovery Center will ensure your detox process is safe and comfortable.
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Residential Treatment

Through effective personal assessments we’ll create a treatment plan that fits your needs and goals.
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Serenity & 

Find your serenity in our spacious home, complete with on-site chef and many amenities. Located near beautiful mountain hiking and a short distance to beaches.
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The Benefits of Sober Living in Early Sobriety

Early sobriety is an incredibly vulnerable time, filled with uncertainties about the future. Whether you or a loved one is contemplating treatment, you have many options available. The benefits of sober living programs may be very helpful for individuals in early sobriety. Pathways Recovery Center is more than a standard addiction and mental health treatment […]
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Giving Back to the Recovery Community

Giving Back to the Recovery Community

In the early stages of addiction treatment and recovery, individuals may not have time to think about giving back. Their focus needs to be on establishing and maintaining sobriety. To that end, they work to foster habits of wellness in their lives. They take recovery one day at a time. Giving Back as Meaning and […]
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