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Admissions Criteria

Pathways Recovery Center’s Supervised Detoxification and Residential Inpatient Programs provide treatment for individuals who meet the following criteria:

Adults 18 and older

Be at least 18 years old or older

Substance abuse disorder

Have a diagnosable substance abuse disorder

Medical or mental conditions

Do not have medical or mental conditions which require full hospitalization
Our facility is equipped to provide substance abuse treatment to those who suffer from co-occurring mental health conditions. Under the Pathways Recovery Center treatment model, you will receive individualized care tailored to your personal needs, strengths, and weaknesses. Call 1-888-711-0966 to get started with us today!

Admissions Process

At Pathways Recovery Center, we know that reaching out for help is the first and often most difficult step to recovery from substance abuse. That’s why it’s important to us to ensure our admissions process is simple for you.

First Contact Our Admission Specialists

First you’ll want to contact one of our friendly admissions specialists at 1-888-711-0966. They will gather your basic info and answer any questions you might have.

Next we will determine if our program is a good fit for you

Next, one of our specialists will help determine if our program is a good fit for you by talking with you about your current needs, past treatment, and medical history. We believe that every individual deserves treatment that meets their unique needs. If we think we’ll fall short of yours, we will help you find a program that better suits you. At Pathways Recovery Center, your program is personalized to address your unique struggles and strengths to give you the best foundation for long-term recovery. We believe in treating the whole person, not just the addiction.

Financial options

Once we’ve determined we’re a good fit for you, one of our admissions specialists will gather your insurance information and evaluate your financial options for treatment with us. We do not believe that finances should keep anyone from getting the treatment they deserve. Pathways Recovery Center will work with you to find the best possible option.

In-person assessment

Next, we’ll schedule you for an in-person assessment at our facility in Azusa, CA. When you arrive you’ll be welcomed by one of our specialists and we’ll help you get acclimated. We’ll go over any necessary paperwork and ask you a few questions that will help us fine tune your treatment plan. Our team will answer any additional questions you may have and explain all the guidelines for your accommodations. Then, you can begin your journey to freedom from addiction with Pathways Recovery Center!

We Accept Most Major Insurance Policies

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What People are Saying

See What Others are Saying

Matt K.

"Traveled 1200 miles not knowing what to expect. My expectations were exceeded. All staff, counselors, etc. really cared about my well being and progression. Family owned. Food, lodging… everything was awesome. Was such a wonderful experience in a dark time for me"

Ashley A.

"So grateful for Pathways. I got the help and guidance I needed during my stay there. Every staff member showed how much they cared about their clients. I felt safe and cared for throughout my stay. The facility is super nice too. Excited for my new lease on life thanks to Pathways Recovery."

Brett J.

"I highly recommend Pathways Recovery Center for residential drug and alcohol treatment. I spent 4 weeks at Pathways and it was a great experience. I want to thank Madonna for help getting me into the program. Shout out to all the staff there for making my experience positive and for their help supplying me with the essential tools I needed for my road to recovery."

Sandra P.

"The process is simple and understandable. The counselor are willing and able to answer any question about the process. We are kept up to date on our son's progress. We are given suggestions on how to continue progressing forward. Madonna is the best at helping us understand what is happening on the inside of a patient mind. We are so happy with this facility. The best!"

Anna A.

"This place is awesome!! Words can not express how grateful our family is for them. The staff and counselors are kind, helpful, and knowledgeable, They saved my dad after 20+ years of drug addiction. It was their dedicated and caring staff that helped him to get and stay clean. His journey was hard but he was able to o reclaim his life just in time to rebuild relationships with his Adult children and young grandkids. Having him back sober is the best gift we could ever ask for."

Chad B.

"Literally saved my life. I was on a dark path of total destruction and had never been to a treatment center before I had no idea it was like this. The staff was extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of health and well being to each patience individual addiction recovery needs. The food was amazing. The kitchen staff accomidated individual food needs."

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