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Addiction Counseling & Substance Abuse Treatment in the San Gabriel Valley

There are many approaches to overcoming an addiction, but it’s clear that doing it alone is the least effective. Statistically, going through detox and/or attempting to recover by yourself can bring dangerous consequences to your health and often leads to relapse. It’s tough to overcome addiction by yourself, and in the same environment that has led and kept you in the cycle of addiction. Reaching out for help at Pathways Recovery Center will give you the advantage of the full range of evidence-based clinical therapies and a treatment plan catered to your individual needs. We’ll equip you with the tools, resources, and social support you need to finally leave substance abuse in the past.

Supervised Detox

Detoxing from drugs and alcohol can be very dangerous to do alone. Symptoms like seizures, dehydration, and psychosis can put you at great risk. Pathways Recovery Center is a 24-hour, incidental medical services, residential treatment facility licensed and monitored by the State of California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) to provide detoxification services from alcohol and other drugs in a safe environment. We offer medically-assisted treatment (MAT) residential detoxification services for adult men and women 18 years and older. Let PRC help you take the first step to recovery safely and effectively!

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Residential Inpatient Treatment

At Pathways Recovery Center, we offer a full service residential alcohol and drug program designed for individuals who need to get away from the fast-paced outside world to take time for reflection and serenity. Our residential treatment services offer a well-rounded balance of individual counseling, group sessions, therapeutic experiential groups, 12 step meetings, socialization activities, holistic therapies, and recreation. Our therapeutic and educational groups were designed to help the individual communicate honestly with themselves and others in a confidential and intimate setting. You can overcome substance abuse!

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Treatment Model

At Pathways Recovery Center we are dedicated to helping the suffering addict find freedom from their addiction. We use the best evidence-based practices to create a treatment plan that addresses your unique strengths and weaknesses. We use Biopsychosocial Assessments, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Holistic Therapies to help you identify the circumstances and problems that led you to addiction. We’ll help you develop coping skills and new thinking patterns so that you can leave substance abuse behind for good. Take the first step to recovery with us!

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Situated near the beautiful foothills of Azusa, Pathways Recovery Center is a private and serene environment.

Gorgeous mountain views, nearby hiking in the Azusa Canyon and Azusa Wilderness Park, and short distance to beaches make us a great location for getting the recovery and serenity you need.

Most Insurance Accepted

Pathways Recovery Center Believes That Anyone Suffering From Addiction Can Recover And Experience The Joy Of Life Again. Join Us In Fighting Addiction One Person At A Time.

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